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There is no substitute for experience. Boulder’s proud history includes some of the finest preamplifiers ever made: the 2110, 2010, 1012 and 1010. Each has earned multiple awards, praise and accolades and are examples of the very best available. You can now add the 810 Preamplifier to that list.


  • Boulder's precise stepped volume control, descended from the 2010 Preamplifier

  • Supervising microprocessor oversees all functions and communicates with other Boulders

  • 12V trigger connection to control power-up of remote amplifiers

  • Two pairs of main outputs for use in bi-amped systems and a third set of fixed-level outputs for secondary systems or recorders

  • Surface mount circuit board layout minimizes connection resistance and inductance and enables smaller board design

  • IR remote connection allows use with external control systems and maintains Boulder Link control with Boulder amplifiers

  • Fully-regulated power supply with additional power line noise filter

  • Two toroidal transformers, one for analog and one for logic, to prevent the controls from having any effect on sound quality

  • Left and right audio channels are each encased in steel boxes to improve isolation

Boulder 810 Pre-Amplifier

Color: Silver
  • NEW
    Warranty 5 years
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