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A high-performance sound had always meant separate components, a lot of cables and large space requirements. Simple, integrated solutions fell short of the mark when it came to sound quality. In short, convenience came with a compromise.

Until Boulder’s 865.

  • Massive, shielded, toroidal transformer and multiple filter capacitors for immediate power transfer

  • Efficient heatsink design means high power in a small chassis without excessive heat

  • Four pairs of inputs, each capable of custom configuration and naming

  • One pair of auxiliary outputs that can be set for fixed (to drive secondary systems) or variable operation (to drive a subwoofer or additional amplifier)

  • Fully balanced input circuitry for maximum resolution and sound quality

  • Rugged, easy-to-connect, high-current speaker terminals require no tools

  • Boulder's own precision stepped volume control, the same as in the 2010 preamplifier

  • Input and preamplifier sections are housed in steel casework to eliminate interference from other portions of the amplifier

  • Supervising microprocessor controls all preamplifier functions, monitors protection circuits, and communicates with other Boulders

Boulder 865 Integrated Amplifier

Color: Silver
  • NEW
    Warranty 5 years
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