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We are proud to introduce the Esoteric Grandioso T1 Turntable. This turntable – with 10MHz Clock Sync capability for the motor drive unit and 3 piece independent chassis configuration – is the culmination of Esoteric’s unique design philosophy and mechanical/electronic technology. Includes the Grandioso PS1 power supply provided as an option for the K1X CD/SACD player. providing the T1 with the ultimate in power stability.

Esoteric MagneDrive System

A new undertaking to commemorate the 35th Anniversary of the Esoteric legacy; Above all, it’s the first-ever turntable in our history, the Esoteric Grandioso T1.

Accommodating a patent-registered unique contact-free drive mechanism,
the “Esoteric MagneDrive System”, that inductively synchronizes the rotations
of a magnetic driver and platter, realizing a quiet and silky-smooth rotation
at an extraordinarily accurate rotation speed. In other words, this is a smooth turntable.

Newly Developed Contact-Free Drive Mechanism on the Esoteric Grandioso T1 Turntable

Japan Patent No. 6501130

Technical Highlights

  • Firstly, The Platter is free from any vibration.
  • Secondly, Absolutely precise platter rotation, free from any irregularities of speed, potentially caused by mechanical contacts, such as belt, rim or motor.
  • Thirdly, Adjustability of sonic characteristics, by manually changing the distance between the platter and the driver.
  • Lastly, No concern for the need of replacement belts.

ESOTERIC GRANDIOSO T1 Multi-Arm, Magnetic-Drive Turntable

Color: Silver
  • NEW

    Warranty 3 year 
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