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Gryphon Ethos plays compact disc. Period. Full stop. It does not play video discs of any kind whatsoever, nor does it play any of the so-called “high resolution” audio formats.

Gryphon Ethos will quite simply reveal more of the hidden treasures in your CD collection than any other player, “universal” or otherwise, up to and well beyond its price point. That is its sole mission.

Gryphon Ethos is designed unapologetically with single-minded dedication to the compact disc, because this focused approach enables Gryphon Audio Designs to devote all our resources and expertise to releasing the full, unfettered musical potential of CD playback.

CD continues to be a maturing technology and by making that medium all that it can be, Gryphon Audio Designs can offer sound quality comparable to the so-called high-resolution audio formats. The immense catalogue of new and old CD titles will all benefit from the advances made in the Gryphon Ethos. We are confident that discerning audiophiles will appreciate what the Gryphon Ethos can do for their extensive and ever expanding music collections.


Developing and manufacturing a dedicated High End CD player at this elevated price level certainly demands no small amount of courage in this day and age with low-budget universal disc players readily available. Because the Gryphon Ethos eliminates varying rotational speeds, video handling, multi-channel playback and other functions that are irrelevant to stereo music listening, it is devoted exclusively to compact disc playback with no compromise and no concessions.
When you choose the Gryphon Ethos, you know that its CD performance is not a mere afterthought. It is the player’s very reason for existing.

Gryphon Audio Ethos CD-Player

Color: Black
  • NEW
    Warranty 5 years
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