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Aiming to get the best of both worlds.

Having elegant sound and good modern specifications, G-70 use the best components which were selected after long time listening tests.
Strong power supply, optimized wirings and layout, new heater circuitry etc. All for contributing the best sound quality.
Result is in addition to the best sound quality from a tube preamplifier, G-70 also has the specifications to compete with the best solid state preamplifier.


  • High quality handcrafting with module style line amplifier section, best component placements, signal wiring and ground layout.
  • Strong power supply section along with 700uF huge reservoir by combining 3 types of capacitor in individual left and right channel. Delivering natural and stress-free music over the whole frequency band.
  • The newly developed DC heater circuit uses all premium parts selected through long time listening tests.


Being the center of an audio system, the character of a preamplifier is very important. In addition to passing all specifications of modern amplifier, we also pursued to get refine and elegant sound quality.

  • Main circuit is simple and direct to obtain low output impedance and music freshness. It is just a plate follower direct couple to a cathode follower. Vacuum tubes adopted are 6072.
  • By using direct components wiring on a module board, the shortest signal paths are possible.
  • Adopt quality parts such as SSW (silk silver wire), silver foil capacitors, original power transformer and copper chassis.
  • Tonal quality is enhanced by the newly developed DC heater circuit.
  • Sound quality is elegant, smooth, natural and without any coloration.

Line Unit

Line amplifier section is direct components wiring on a module board to get the benefit of direct wiring and shortest signal paths.
Moreover, decoupling capacitors are arranged for each individual left and right channel. This keep the overall signal loops to the minimal lengths.
New circuit design which had already considered to keep good low frequency performance up to 20Hz when the connecting to low input impedance solid state amplifier (e.g. 20kΩ)

Super High Quality Parts

All parts were carefully chosen after massive hours of listening tests. High grade audio volume, copper chassis, original silver foil capacitors, original electrolytic capacitors, silver lead resistors, 3 types of metalized film resistors, SSW silk silver wires, Ls-41 shield cable, original RCA jacks, high quality power transformer etc. All CR part are carefully selected and arranged.

Power Supply Circuit for Main and Filament

Rectification tube in use is 6X4. Power transformer design, which we paid high attention to vibration countermeasures, was fixed after long time of listening tests and comparisons. Ripple filter capacitors (400μF) and decoupling capacitors (about 700μF /ch) are layout at the best circuit positions. They all work together to create a power supply section. 700uF huge reservoir by combining 3 types of capacitor 600+100+0.47μF) are used in each left and right channel to deliver the best tonal balance. There are also a lot of tests carried out to select the best circuitry and components

Kondo Audio Note G-70i Pre-Amp.

  • NEW
    Warranty 10 years
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