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The first thing that distinguishes a Kronos turntable is its two equal mass platters, rotating opposite each other. Kronos call this the dual platter counter-rotating revolution. It is a means by which the vibration inducing torque force, present in suspended turntables is eliminated. The result of this design is a suspended platform particularly well isolated from environmental and mechanical noise while maintaining unequalled stability. You can immediately hear the difference dynamic stabilisation makes. No other turntable can offer its advantages.

Besides this, all of the Kronos turntables components keep other parasitic vibrations to a strict minimum. Their designs apply proven and solid technologies and use materials with complementary properties. The groundbreaking DC computer controlled drive systems deliver outstanding speed control while remaining vibration free. Their proprietary hyper precision platter bearings rotate smoothly and are maintenance free and durable. The plinths combine composite materials and metals so as to offer rigidity and minimize acoustical feedback. The suspension is designed to be highly efficient as well as easy to set up.

Finally, with the help of recording engineers, Kronos turntables have been fine tuned and optimised by comparing their test pressing playback performance to those of original master tapes. This comparative testing process has directed our work in achieving a neutral frequency response, natural timbres and transients and outstanding dynamics.

Price quoted is for turntable only. Does not include the tonearm.

KRONOS Kronos Pro Record Player

  • NEW

    Warranty 5 years 
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