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Selekt LP12 is a turntable from which to live out your musical passion and, with the benefit of future upgrades, to continue to explore ever more of the music contained within the grooves of your record collection.

This elite Sondek LP12 package is decked out with precision-engineered Linn components from the upper echelons of their range. It sits between Majik LP12, the gateway to high-fidelity vinyl playback, and Klimax LP12, the zero-compromise pinnacle of Linn’s engineering endeavour.

Selekt LP12 follows in the footsteps of its digital cousin – Selekt DSM – both in its superb sonic quality and its unbounded upgradeability.

The versatile, high-performance, built-in phono stage of Selekt DSM – derived from the Linn flagship Urika – complements the superb calibre and craftsmanship of Selekt LP12. It’s a truly protean partnership.

Key features

  • Kendo – moving coil cartridge with aluminium-bronze inserts, boron cantilever and super-fine-line diamond stylus tip
  • Arko – 7075-grade aluminium gimballed tonearm – machined with exceedingly high tolerances and precision
  • Lingo – hybrid internal/external power supply
  • Kore – aluminium sub-chassis bonded to a machined-from-solid armboard
  • Karousel – patented, high-precision, machined single-point bearing
  • Trampolin – suspended feet on an aluminium base board provides additional isolation from vibration

LINN Selekt LP12

  • NEW

    Warranty 5 years 
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