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The M Project was the first “statement” Magico, since the M5, that did not use an all-aluminum enclosure. It was also the first “statement” Magico with an aerodynamic shape, in other words, a revolutionary box. The M Project enclosure had a newly designed curved shape that tapered gradually from front to back, eliminating the parallel walls and sharp, potentially diffractive edges of Magico’s traditionally “squared-off” aluminum boxes. Instead of employing thick aluminum plates for sidewalls, the M Project used sidepieces of carbon fiber, one of the stiffest, strongest materials around. According to Magico, these curved carbon-fiber sidewalls minimized internal resonances and greatly reduced the amount of internal damping that was required, simply allowing the drivers to sound more “freestanding” and less like drivers in a box.

Like the M Project, the new M6 is a five-driver, three-way floor-standing loudspeaker with a sculpted carbon-fiber-and-aluminum box. While the driver complement is the same as that of the M Pro – one 28mm diamond-coated beryllium tweeter, one 6″ graphene-carbon midrange, and three 10.5″ nano-graphene woofers – the drivers themselves have been improved, particularly the 28mm diamond-coated beryllium tweeter, which is now powered by a new motor system and is seated in an acoustically improved back chamber.

More importantly, the monocoque enclosure has been considerably improved, making for what Magico claims is its quietest cabinet ever. By using the purest carbon fiber for its sidewalls, milling the top and the bottom caps into even more diffraction-free curves and arches, and further smoothing all the joinery, Magico has created a seamless, almost egg-shaped, carbon-skinned-aluminum enclosure that, when sitting on Magico’s remarkable constrained-layer MPod feet, allows the drivers to propagate with audibly less interference, as if they were floating in free space, creating an uncanny sense of “boxlessness.”

The net result of the changes incorporated in the M6 is the best Magico yet—the least present in the sense of box or driver colorations, the most transparent, the most delicately detailed, the most realistic and simultaneously the most powerful.  It is well deserving of its higher price tag!

MAGICO M6 Floorstanding Speakers

Color: Black
  • NEW

    Warranty 5 year 
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