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The Mingus Quintet bridges our Heritage and Coltrane series. A full-range speaker with deep bass and full dynamics, it has all the characteristics of Coltrane. This makes Mingus Quintet the very essence of a Marten speaker, a study in truthful sound.

Here you’ll find the same technology as in our new Coltrane Supreme 2 and Coltrane 3 speakers. The diamond tweeters and midrange are exactly the same as in the €390,000 top-of-the-range Coltrane Supreme 2.

But these speakers also push boundaries of their own. Accuton has created the brand new 7” cell technology bass unit, especially for the Mingus Quintet. And we chose to set the midrange and tweeter in a polished stainless steel plate that dampens resonance around the important units.

The sleek design is tapered, the slimmer front profile reducing sound reflections and adding to the speaker’s compact look. A first-rate-quality walnut and piano black finish completes the high-end feel, and more options will be added throughout 2016.

The Mingus Quintet sits on similar solid stainless steel stands to the Coltrane series and comes with our own pucks and cones. The high-quality terminals are from WBT and everything is packaged in sturdy wooden boxes.

Inside the rigid cabinet, braced between units to reduce resonance, you’ll find Jorma Design internal cabling and natural sheep’s wool for dampening – carefully weighed to ensure there’s exactly the right amount.

The crossover is a first order three-way filter. Exactly the same technology as in the Coltrane Supreme 2 and Coltrane 3, this supplies the perfect time and phase coherence and coincidence.

And all units benefit from Cell technology, the 20mm diamond tweeters and the 5” midrange drivers. Together with the three 7” woofers, this ensures the Quintet plays together in perfect harmony.

In other words, these speakers have everything they need to create sound so realistic it puts you back in the moment the recording was made.

Marten Mingus Quintet Floor-standing Speakers

  • NEW
    Warranty 5 years
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