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  • Offers a variety of inputs and outputs to ensure total flexibility and universality
  • UNITY GAIN function for improved transparency and resolution of music through a lower
    noise floor and greater dynamic range
  • In- and Outputs with XLR priority to maximize common mode rejection
  • Single stage gain with high bandwidth and extremely low noise and distortion
  • Analogue volume control via stepping motor and potentiometer
  • Unused inputs can be deactivated, eliminating interference with the input selection
  • Simple selection of the music source by intelligently managed inputs from all connected
    devices (eg CD-DAC)
  • The maximum volume during power-on can be limited by a simple menu setting, to
    prevent dangerously high levels (eg protection of children’s ears)
  • Two separate line output groups
  • 5’’ color TFT display, 6 smart keys
  • MBL SmartLink version 2.0, employed to network MBL devices with the exchange of
    status information
  • Intelligent remote control concept for easy operation
  • SD-card slot for easy firmware and display content update
  • “Made in Germany” development and production made in MBL’s own factory in Berlin

MBL N11 Preamplifier

  • NEW
    Warranty 5 years
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