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  • The N15 is a LASA 2.0 amplifier – the MBL-developed technology that combines the advantages of different amplifier concepts. The resultant amplifier is perfectly suited to drive complex loads such as loudspeakers, ensuring that the frequency response remains stable even at varying loads and has a homogeneous tonal balance throughout frequency range.

    Soft Clipping – even at very high volumes, the amplifier goes gently into clipping mode, never sounding aggressive or distorted.

    The power supply is made by a massive analogue toroidal transformer with protective shield technology in its MU-metal enclosure.

    560 watts (4 Ω) power with 36 Amp peak output current, values that ensure a sovereign  and unconstrained performance even at higher volume levels.

    Pass-through output (XLR) for connecting a further power amplifier. This allows the use of two amplifiers per channel for bi-amping, even if only one cable from the preamplifier leads to the power amplifier, or the preamplifier has only one output per channel.

    Two balanced inputs (XLR) for connecting two separate preamplifiers or one preamplifier and a streamer with its own volume control.

    High-quality, vibration-damped full copper loudspeaker connections (binding posts) by the German manufacturer WBT, double set for bi-wiring capability.

MBL N15 Mono Amplifier

  • NEW
    Warranty 5 years
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