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The DSP8000 XE is built on a brand-new audio architecture, using higher specification, more powerful components and leveraging Meridian’s expertise in psychoacoustics to achieve exceptional sound quality.

The outstanding fidelity, dynamics and sheer power of the DSP8000 XE loudspeakers mean they deliver an incredible experience in cinemas and listening rooms alike. 


  • Atlas Software Core. An all-new, future facing audio processing and control platform
  • R1 Electronics Platform. The essential hardware infrastructure that deploys the Precision Sonic Transport design concept in DSP8000 XE including: Command Board, Sync-Link, All new DACs and Amplifiers.
  • Next Generation Drive Units. Introduced throughout to push performance levels to new heights. Tweeter - 1 x Ultrasonic tweeter, 25mm beryllium dome with custom waveguide
  • Mid-range - 1 x EVO mid-range, bespoke 160mm with clear cone
  • Bass Drivers - 6 x Subsonic bass drivers, 200mm with long-throw, polypropylene cone
  • Cabinet and Mechanics-. Modernised aesthetics and re-engineered cabinet accommodate mechanical performance enhancements with updated driver clamp-ring system, flush-fitting acoustically transparent metal grilles and mass-loading aluminium base plate.

MERIDIAN DSP8000 XE Digital Active Loudspeakers

Color: Black
  • NEW
    Warranty 5 years
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