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33mm thick and weighing 15kg, the sub-chassis is fabricated by precision processing of pure aluminum ingots, achieving a high level of vibration control that drastically minimizes the impact of vibration from speakers or other sources, as well providing a stable mechanical ground. All the additional chassis parts are machined to the same high accuracy as the sub-chassis, serving to reduce the impact of vibration and external noise while contributing to the reproduction of music with ultra high purity and faithfulness to the input signal. The spike-shaped three-point support feet ensure mechanical stability on any support surface. These comprehensive measures combine to free the C600 from undue external influences and allow it to achieve its full potential.

In order to eliminate any influence from the power supply to the amplification circuit and signal routing, the C600 uses a dual enclosure configuration that separates the amplifier from the power supply. This minimizes the effects of noise caused by vibration or magnetic flux leakage from the power supply transformer. A power amplifier-grade 400VA rated toroidal transformer provides a degree of precision that allows accurate signal transmission, even during large signal levels and fast signal fluctuations. Together with a fully balanced circuit design that eliminates unnecessary noise currents, the result is the ultimate in low noise performance.

The controls, LED display and illumination operate via a circuit method based on direct current, minimizing their impact on sound quality. The control circuit wiring and power supply are housed inside a shield that centrally divides the enclosure. This prevents interference with the circuit boards and further improves left/right signal separation.

TAD’s new ladder-resistance switching electronic volume control circuit achieves an absolute channel level difference of 0.1dB or less, even at attenuations of more than 100dB. The distortion produced by the circuit is only 0.0005% (@1Vrms input). The impedance seen at the input and output terminals is independent of volume setting, minimizing interaction with the signal circuitry and maximizing fidelity of the sound. The use of fully independent left and right electronic volume control circuits ensures accurate auditory lateralization and sound field reconstruction. The input selector switch and volume control shaft bearing incorporate a precision ball bearing with a diameter of 41mm. These features provide the highly precise operating feel that you expect from TAD.

Based on the TAD concept that “a signal route exemplified by the absolute minimum of functions results in the most accurate and high quality sound,” the C600 has an extremely simple circuit configuration. Following input signal volume adjustment by the electronic volume control, the circuit configuration utilizes only one voltage amplification stage. Equipping each of the two line outputs with their own dedicated amplifier circuits eliminates the output circuit signal branching as well as interference from connected equipment that can cause sound quality deterioration. In order to transmit music signals as simply and accurately as possible, the monitor switch has been eliminated due to its potential effect on sound quality. Furthermore, the audio pass-through function sets the gain to unity, without introducing additional switching circuitry, to maintain maximum signal purity.

TAD’s Extreme Link function is capable of synchronizing multiple C600s together in a master/slave configuration to allow for further system configurations of up to six channels. This lets you assemble high-end multi-channel audio or home theater systems.

The C600 allows input sensitivity to be set independently for each input terminal, so the general sound level does not vary when you switch between different sources.

TAD-C600 Preamplifier

Color: Silver
  • NEW
    Warranty 5 years
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