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We conduct testing and research to turn audio theory into reality. Our hard-earned technology advances TAD’s design and quality to the next level.



A fully symmetrical design provides the flawless speaker-driving capability.

The basic design concept of the TAD M700 and M700S is to realize end-to-end symmetry, unifying our wealth of proprietary technologies into a coherent form to achieve the ultimate in sound reproduction. First, we have chosen the BTL (bridged transformerless) configuration as a basis for achieving total symmetry. Second, we have meticulously examined and optimized every aspect of amplifier design—from input through to output, which led to the fully symmetrical design, right down to the circuit topology and PC boards, including the twin power transformers and the parallel-positioned electrolytic capacitors. All these elements are designed to be symmetric with regard to influences of temperature changes, magnetic fields, and subtle vibration inside the case.


The newly designed cast-aluminum chassis suppresses even the slightest vibrations.

The M700 and M700S employ a newly designed cast-aluminum chassis that boasts a high internal loss factor for vibration, eliminating inherent sympathetic vibration at unwanted frequencies. Components are laid out optimally inside the chassis to stubbornly resist vibrations induced by sound pressure from a speaker system. The low-impedance aluminum chassis demonstrates high electric stability. Moreover, these amplifiers are supported by four height-adjustable spike feet, each having a single point of contact with the surface on which it stands. This ingenious design keeps vibration transmitted through the floor from affecting the components inside the case and keeps delicate audio signals from being masked by vibration-induced distortion. The result is more condensed and energetic audio reproduction and yet with spatial nuance of the music retained intact.

TAD-M700 Reference Monaural Power Amplifiers Pair

Color: Silver
  • NEW
    Warranty 5 years
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