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Thanks to a built-in phono stage, the analogue signal’s lossless digitalisation allows you to configure and adapt the Devialet 220 Pro precisely to your turntable’s cartridge and generate exceptional sound quality. What’s more, the online sound configuration utility lets you choose the cartridge type (MM/MC) and set the sampling rate and the RIAA curb for customised adjustment of your phono pre-amplification.

Every Expert 220 Pro input is configurable, meaning an unlimited amount of settings at your disposal, whether they be analogue inputs, digital inputs or outputs of either kind, the Expert 220 Pro adapts to your needs.

The built-in EVO card enables free, regular updates of the internal software that offer you the ability to improve the performance of your Devialet or to take advantage of new features in just a few clicks.

The 220 Pro comes with the latest Core Infinity firmware, which allows you to stream from the Devialet in a number of ways whether it be by Airplay, UPnP or via Roon. This means you are able to stream with ease from services like iTunes, Spotify, Tidal and Qobuz.

Like all Expert devices, the 220 Pro is fully controlled by software that allows you to configure it via their online configuration tool. Customise each of your inputs according to the sound source to achieve the best possible results.

On its own, the 220 Pro is an exceptional stereo system but it can also be upgraded at a later date by adding another 220 Pro and creating a dual-mono 440 Pro system.

Devialet Expert 220 Pro Amplifier

Color: Silver
  • NEW

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