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The Preamplifier Revolution

For the control center of Esoteric’s flagship Grandioso X edition, our engineers looked ahead to what lies beyond what a preamplifier should be.
In order to surpass the Grandioso C1, winner of countless awards following its 2014 introduction, we set out to thoroughly reimagine the volume control system – often considered to be the fundamental core of a preamplifier – thereby dramatically improving its precision and clarity of sound to become the standard for a new era.
Esoteric’s accumulated engineering knowledge and expertise was focused on the creation of a new preamplifier that meets the desires of the consummate audiophile.

– The new Esoteric Grandioso C1X


Audio expression, symphonic beauty, artistic passion, the feel of a spatial concert hall, the excitement of the audience; Esoteric’s Master Sound Works is an audio product concept that recreates all of the musical information found in original master recordings with the most state of the art technology available today.

ESOTERIC GRANDIOSO C1X Linestage Preamplifier

Color: Silver
  • NEW

    Warranty 3 year 
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