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The pinnacle of cartridge design can be found in a Koetsu stone body. The body is machined from a block of high quality stone. Each block is carefully selected for natural grain and polished to a very fine finish.

Internally, only the most tightly matched silver sheathed copper coils and cores are used. Rare platinum magnets allow the stone body cartridges to fully create the ethereal sound on which Koetsu has earned its reputation.

“The end result is harmonious and cohesive, and the music unfolds in a way that gives you more time to listen – more time to unravel the individual strands that form part of the whole.” Hi-Fi+

“… the Koetsu endured in delivering boatloads of colour and texture, yet at the same time I’ve never heard a cartridge with greater, clearer pitch certainty on even the lowest bass notes … All in all, the Koetsu Onyx Platinum communicated colour, texture, touch, and musical nuance to an extent and in a combination that I’d never before heard …”
Art Dudley
December 2018
Koetsu Onyx Platinum

KOETSU Onyx Platinum Moving Coil Cartridge

  • NEW

    Warranty 2 years 
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