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Selekt DSM is designed to fit with your system and make it sound better, whatever your setup. Configuration choices include stereo or surround; source only or integrated power amps; and the optional Katalyst DAC enhancement.

Selekt DSM will reveal new layers of beauty in your music and revolutionise your interaction with digital music. The jewel-like dial glows with anticipation as you approach and turns with watch-like precision, while smart buttons are ready to be personalised just for you, giving you immediate access to the music you want to hear. Elegance, craftsmanship and precision engineering shape your gateway to stunningly detailed sound.

Selekt DSM will will help you fall in love with your music collection, all over again.

Stereo or surround

The choice is yours: place Selekt DSM at the centre of a world class stereo music system. Or at the heart of a thrilling surround sound home cinema setup.

A movie lives or dies by the quality of its soundtrack. It’s the core of the experience. When it comes to immersing yourself in a film, sound trumps picture quality every time.

Selekt DSM makes it easy to expand your system to surround sound, now or anytime in the future. A flexible solution that lets you add surround speakers at the sides, as well as centre and rear to suit. And of course you can drop in subwoofers to reinforce the bass too.

As an all-in-one solution, simple, uncomplicated wiring makes it easy to live with. Plus our Space Optimisation software means you can put the speakers where you want, and still get great sound.

Source only or integrated power amps

The optional addition of power amps turns Selekt DSM into a one-box solution. Simply plug in speakers and you’re good to go. And with space to add more amps internally, you can bi-amp or tri-amp for even better sound, all in the one box, anytime.

Or, choose Selekt DSM with pre-amp only – a dedicated streaming source for improved sound from any separates system.

And if you start with the pre-amp configuration, we make it easy to upgrade, and add power amps anytime in the future.

Katalyst DAC

The optional Katalyst DAC achieves unprecedented translation, reproducing digital sources with greater precision and less distortion than ever before, revealing new insight into your music collection.

Katalyst takes an unprecedented level of control over the critical elements that lie at the heart of the analogue signal’s creation. It offers improved Data Optimisation, a superior Master Clock, independent Power Supplies, a new ultra-low distortion Output Driver and crucially, for the first time, a high-stability input Reference Level, eliminating variations during analogue signal creation.

Purchase with Katalyst DAC on-board or add as an upgrade anytime, to give you a deeper insight into your music.

LINN Selekt DSM Streamer

  • NEW

    Warranty 5 years 
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