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With enhanced full-picture sound, Coltrane Momento 2 delivers music that sounds just as it did the first time you heard it – and even better than you remember.

Close your eyes, immerse yourself in the sound-stage and hear exactly where each musician is placed in the orchestra.
Momento 2 uses the bespoke crossover technique developed for the Coltrane Supreme 2. The first order crossover makes for absolutely perfect time and phase coherence; and flawless time coincidence.

Combined with CELL technology, Marten’s superior cabinets, and the highest quality materials, the result is our greatest achievement to date.
Momento 2 uses CELL technology developed especially for our speakers in a joint project with Accuton. The diamond tweeters and ceramic bass units are the same as those in our landmark Coltrane Supreme 2 model.
Tweeters, midrange, and bass drivers have identical acoustic centers, delivering flawless phase and time coherence. The domes in the units are perfectly rigid for impeccable signal settle and piston behavior. And there is incredibly low distortion, even at high levels.

  • Steady decay of higher order harmonics
  • High bandwidth

Marten has refined the crossover to work perfectly with Accuton CELL drivers – a move which is defining the sound for the next generation of Marten speakers.
The first order crossover makes it possible to have a perfect time and phase coherence; and flawless time coincidence. This means that all sounds are generated at the exact same moment, just like it was recorded.

Crafted to sound and look good.
Easy to position, the Momento 2’s unified cabinet is exceptionally rigid. It features an inner box constructed from solid wood and an outer box made of carbon fiber laminate and solid wood.

The front and back of the inner box are made of four 70mm thick layers of wood sandwiched together with deadening glue. The sides are constructed from 27mm thick carbon fiber laminate and 45mm of five-layered wood. As for the carbon fiber laminate; this comprises two layers of carbon sandwiched together with honeycomb Kevlar.

The lever principle in the layers of materials, combined with the slight curve of the sides, creates a ‘non-stretching’ effect to make the cabinet exceptionally strong and rigid. This reduces distortion even further, allowing the music to breathe.

Less is definitely more
With the Momento 2, we’ve achieved record low distortion. The physical distortion of the CELL drivers is less than 0.05%. What’s more, the phase and time coherence and time coincidence mean there’s zero distortion from the crossover. Combined with the incredibly rigid cabinets, this means that Momento 2 has even lower distortion than most amplifiers.

Quality that matters.
Coltrane Momento 2 employs Jorma Prime cables because we always use the highest quality components in our speakers.
We have worked with Jorma Design cables since 2005. For the purest, clearest sound you also have the option to upgrade to our flagship line of Jorma Statement cables.

No detail too small.
The solid stainless steel stands, sit on Black Diamond Racing pucks and cones to dampen any resonance. And the four terminals are the best money can buy, WBT Nextgen with conductors of pure silver.
We fill the inside of each Coltrane Momento 2 speaker with the just right amount of pure sheep’s wool because it’s the perfect way to dampen them.

Marten Coltrane Momento 2 Floor-standing Speakers

  • NEW
    Warranty 5 years
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