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The Center of an Unrivaled Home Theater Experience

Use the McIntosh XCS1.5K Center Channel Loudspeaker to create a cinematic, immersive experience in a home theater system that uses the McIntosh XRT2.1K or XRT1.1K Floor Standing Loudspeakers as the front left and front right speakers.

The center channel speaker is a critical component in any home cinema system. A vast majority of dialog and other key sounds in a movie or television show emanate from the center speaker . Likewise, the XCS1.5K is meticulously engineered for this exact purpose.

Highlights of the XCS1.5K:

  • 1,500 Watt power rating
  • Sealed 3- and 4-Way Hybrid Design
  • The XCS1.5K can be Tri-amped and Tri-wired
  • Voiced to match XRT2.1K and XRT1.1K Floor Standing Loudspeakers
  • Line Array design with 43 drivers

The XCS1.5K features a line array design similar to the XRT2.1K and XRT1.1K.

Consequently, this alignment provides even sound coverage for the shorter line array on the XCS1.5K and is the reason why there is not a more uniform layout of midranges and tweeters.

The McIntosh XCS1.5K works in perfect harmony with the front left and front right speakers. As a result, sounds can seamlessly move from side-to-side across all three front speakers without any unwanted changes to the sound characteristics.

In conclusion, the XCS1.5K has been voiced to match both the XRT2.1K and XRT1.1K, ensuring proper timbre of vocals and instrumentals as the sonic image moves across the virtual stage in front of you.

MCINTOSH XCS1.5K Center Channel Loudspeaker

  • NEW
    Warranty 5 years
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